Holiday Edition Miracle Frooties (exp.date November 2015) are now ready to ship! They contain 10x 600mg Large frooties (same contents as with the yellow Large package) and are perfect for sales and marketing before and during December holiday season. Wholesale price is the same as with normal Large Miracle Frooties and the best part is you cannot order too many as you can always repackage them into yellow packages after holiday season is over (we can add yellow empty boxes to your order). We offer drop shipping as well.
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We are currently accepting applications for worldwide distributors.
Becoming a Miracle Frooties distributor is very simple - just This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Wholesale products:

Miracle Frooties (350mg and 600mg per Frootie version)
10 Frooties in a double factory sealed package with new
formula for easier melting and longer lasting effect!


Miracle Fruit Powder

Miracle Fruit plants - available from April until October every year
small, medium and large

  T-shirts 2014 Collection: Fresh 'n' Fruity
  Please write to receive a Cataloge


For more information about our products & wholesale pricing please contact your Regional Wholesale Director.

NEWS for retailers:

You can download your Start-up Package here. Please note that you need a password to open it (send us an email). You'll find an Image Pack on the same webpage.
Start-up Package includes:

1. How to start?
- FREE marketing&sales advice
- Learn from the best practices in MF retailing

2. Image
- FREE Press Pack, including photos.
- FREE Promotional Pack, including free samples

3. Positioning
- FREE advice on where to position youself on the market in order to get the best results possible

 4. Pricing
- Pricing must be in accordance with the positioning.

5. Marketing
- FREE marketing advice
- FREE PR and Customer Relations advice

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